PURAVIDA UpperEast Siders!


Looking picture of people from US I’ve discovered that lot’s of people are crazy about the PuraVida bracelets! The new favorite bracelets don’t just look chic — they also give something back. Pura Vida was founded by two friends who, while on a postgraduation surf trip in Costa Rica, became enamored with the local artistans’ brightly colored bracelets and decided to sell them back home in San Diego. Now, the company is just over a year old and a runaway success; the bracelets (priced $5 to $12 each) sell at over 700 stores across the US  as well as on the Pura Vida website, and the company currently employs 25 artisans in Costa Rica full-time to create 15,000 bracelets a week. “Now the bracelets are everywhere and we see strangers wearing them — at bars, restaurants. The connection we feel when that happens is so sweet,” Pura Vida cofounder Griffin Thall says. In addition to providing work for artisans in Costa Rica, Pura Vida also donates 1 percent of its profits to The Surfrider Foundation.Here, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite pieces from the collection.






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