It’s time to party Upper East Siders!

Summer has arrived, and as you all know summer for Upper East Siders means: Hamptons. After months of donning heavy sweaters, cumbersome boots and bulky outerwear, we are free to sport the chic spring and summer fashions we’ve seen trouncing down the runways this year. Summer at Hamptons means WHITE PARTIES!!! Continua a leggere

Dreamy Cannes Film Festival 2012!

The annual Cannes Film Festival is one of the world’s great film festivals. The downside is that it’s an industry event so you have to have accreditation to get into the film showings themselves. But hey, it’s a wonderful time to be in the Mediterranean resort; the place is full of stars, and the whole town is really buzzing with excitement. So you’re bound to spot them – either around town or on the red carpets. Continua a leggere

Game, Set and Match!

It’s tennis time Upper East Siders! Probably you are thinking “what?Tennis?” but have read well… today i gonna talk about tennis because tennis has a lot to do with fashion! Nowadays tennis players are really obsessed with the outfit for the matches and I not talking just about girls but also boys. The tennis outfit look more like evening dress than sportwear!

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How does New York nightlife look like? Just as in any other field, New York, is capable of everything. You can find just about anything you want in the Big Apple. Different parts of Manhattan offer you different kinds of entertainment: movies, theatres, concerts, karaoke spots, pubs and, of course, clubs.
Today I wanna talk precisely about clubs.  Continua a leggere