How does New York nightlife look like? Just as in any other field, New York, is capable of everything. You can find just about anything you want in the Big Apple. Different parts of Manhattan offer you different kinds of entertainment: movies, theatres, concerts, karaoke spots, pubs and, of course, clubs.
Today I wanna talk precisely about clubs. 

What I do love in New York City is that you do not need to keep your feet on the ground. You are in the Big Apple and you can dance within the stars! This means two different things. First, you can dance at the top of the skyscrapers. Second, you can actually meet “stars” – as in VIP – or at least, you can dance in the places where they usually go.

The best area to hang out is the Meatpacking District. There you can find restaurants, clubs, late night pizza to save you from hangover… Just about everything you need to enjoy the Big Apple as much as you possibly can. f you want a really VIP experience you should try to get in the Boom Boom Room. They say it is one of “the hardest door in NYC”. Lady Gaga uses to appear there and if she is in the mood she sings for the lucky people there. I tried to get in once, but there was a private event from Calvin Klein and for some unexplained mistake my friends and I were not on the list so we had to say bye to the Boom Boom Room. The good thing, is that if you can not get in there – which is common – you can at least try the Le Bain, which is the door right in front of the Room. These two clubs are at the top of the Standard, one of the most exclusive hotel in New York City. My friends and I even made up an expression “to be at the top of the standard” meaning you are at your best, you are having an amazing time and you feel nothing can be better. Try to go up there and you’ll know what I mean. The view is gorgeous, of course the Empire is always there, looking at you. You can even go during the day, to sunbathe closer to the sky, sitting in one of the huge pillows in the synthetic grass drinking your favourite cocktail and enjoying one of the best view ever.






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