Game, Set and Match!

It’s tennis time Upper East Siders! Probably you are thinking “what?Tennis?” but have read well… today i gonna talk about tennis because tennis has a lot to do with fashion! Nowadays tennis players are really obsessed with the outfit for the matches and I not talking just about girls but also boys. The tennis outfit look more like evening dress than sportwear!

Today tennis is absolutely about fashion! Look at the dresses worn by Maria Sharapova, they are amazing, fashionable and they can be used not just on tennis court! Nike realize for her special dresses, different for each tournament! Adidas instead has a partnership with Stella McCartney for different sporty collections. The tennis lines of Stella McCartney is absolutely adorable, I’m a huge fan of her tennis dresses, and as you might have already understood, i’m a tennis player and i love tennis so much!

Here you can find some pictures about the dresses of Maria Sharapova and some of the line from Stella McCartney , hope you enjoy and let me know what you think about tennis mixed with fashion!








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