Lazy Saturday! Let’s make Cupcakes

We are back to New York City, more precisely to an address that sex and the city’s fans know very well: Magnolia Bakery! In an episode of the series Carrie and Miranda were sitting on a bench in front of the bakery eating cupcakes! From that moment Magnolia Bakery has become a cult.

 Usually there is always a long line outside the shop and an urban legend says that is not possible buying more than 12 cupcakes for each person. I went there many times during my summer in NYC, every time you you step into the bakery…or no, let me say paradise, the nice sweet smell of baked goods welcomes you into this magical kingdom. I fell in love at first “smell”.
 Lace curtains, pastel chairs, light turquoise and dark brown combo merchandises, smiley workers, cute little chairs and tables to sit at, they have also cute names for the baked goods too!
Unfortunately I’m not in NYC anymore, so I decided to re create the Magnolia atmosphere in my home in this lazy saturday baking cupcakes!!! There are hundreds of cupcakes recipes but i have found the recipe of the amazing “Magnolia Bakery Red Velvet Cupcake” ! I leave here the link for the recipe! Let me know if is good or not!
Hope you enjoy this cooking saturday!

Magnolia Bakery
401 Bleecker Street
New York, NY 10014

200 Columbus Avenue
New York, NY 10023

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