Let’s make or bake a cake!


As usual on the week end I like to cook and to try to bring in my italian house some american atmosphere!!! When I was in New York City I usually had breakfast out in different places but ordering always the same thing a big cappuccino with muffin or scones!!

Last week I was talking with some classmates who didn’t know what scones are, so when finally I came home that day I had in mind scones, scones and scones.. so why don’t bake or make a cake?!?! ahaha kidding!!!! At the end I prepared some Cranberry Orange Scones, they were so good !!! I want to share this recipe with you today because for of all it’s monday, and on monday everybody are depressed and second because it’s rainy so are double depressed..and the best medicine today to cheer us up it’s to cook!!!! We need some sweets to make the day more enjoyable!!!!

Xoxo Marti



Un pensiero su “Let’s make or bake a cake!

  1. I never tried this recipe, usually i make cinnamon scones, they are delicious! I’ll try also these ones! Thanks for the advice!
    I love your blog 😉


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